Parkchester South Condominium | Bronx, New York


Revision: August 2014


  Main Address 2000 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York 10462
  Main Telephone 718-823-7000
  Administration 718-320-6008
  Public Safety 718-823-4411
  Service 718-518-1000
  Human Resources 718-320-6080
  Office Fax 718-320-6010
  HR Fax 718-320-6004
  Desiree McKay, President, Board of Directors 718-320-6035  
  Vincent J. Panettieri, Jr., Chief Operating Officer 718-320-6005; coo@parkchestersouth.comFollow Parkchester South Condominium on Twitter
Public Safety Charles Ortiz, Director 718-320-6047
Information Technology Andre Butler, Director 718-320-6060
Resident Services Rosana Chirico, Director 718-320-6040
Accounting Services William Speronius, Director 718-320-6022
Property Management Matthew Czachor, Executive Property Manager 718-320-6023
  Cesar Corea, Senior Property Manager 718-320-6073
  Renee Smith, Property Manager 718-320-6076
  Elaine Santana, Assistant Property Manager 718-320-6072
  Kariza Avila, Assistant Property Manager 718-320-6028
Heating Plant Joseph A. Tortorelli Jr., Assistant Chief Engineer 718-320-6059
Human Resources Gregory Kindell, Human Resources Manager 718-320-6080
Electrical Charles Calinedo, Electrical Manager 718-320-6078


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